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Below are pictures and descriptions of last year's event. Please view all of these pictures and descriptions if you want to get the full idea of just how large this event is. Please also note the changes mentioned for next year's event. CLICK HERE to view a map of next year's carnival.

Potential sponsors please note that this is primarily an evening event. We provide tower lighting, music, rides, spotlights, and concessions. The mechanical rides are all supervised and run by professional ride technicians.  We will also work to customize the event to your liking with any joint logos/titles, promotional materials, product sampling locations, media presentations and the like.

Sponsors - download an invoice

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Front entrance sign next to 4' by 6' banner.

This was what our sign looked like to promote the event. Last year the making of the sign conflicted with our own homecoming involvement, but this year our attention shall be focused entirely on the Carnival. The sign will be on both sides of the entrance and will seamlessly integrate the banners of our sponsors. Next to the sign was an alumni thank you banner. The banner wall is only 4 feet high so as not to block the views of onlookers.

Mangus the Mechanical Bull

This ride was a real hit last year. Next year we intend on having a competition between the Greek houses at OSU to see who can stay on old mangus the longest. Eighty seconds and you'll be a real cowboy!

Orbitron/Spaceball Ride

It is only a single man ride and it didn't get much attention last year. This will be dropped to make more room and save more money for the Four Place Berry Go Round ride.

Velcro Wall

It is only single man ride and took too much man power to operate. It will be dropped to make more room and save more money for the Four Place Berry Go Round ride.

Titanic slide sits some 30 feet high!

This ride is incredibly huge and gets a large amount of attention. From the great stern of the sinking Titanic one can see the entire carnival grounds.

Okie Rock n Roller

This two man ride spins around and around.

Jurassic Adventure Play Land

We have rides for young and old. Returning alumni or parents of students with small children like to drop them off at this massive kiddy attraction while they chat with old friends.

Turbo Tubs

The Turbo Tubs while one of our main mechanical rides did not get as much attention as we had hoped even as things got busier that night. This is why we are replacing the ride with a full scale rotation ride called "Four Place Berry-go-Round". It will have giant strawberry shaped carts that can rotate independently at the will of the riders while at the same time spinning on a larger platform. This ride will seat up to 35 people at one time and is sure to get a lot of attention!

The Hurlinator

One of the coolest rides we have available. Four Riders sit opposite each other and begin furiously pumping handles in order to bring themselves to a dizzying spin. Best to eat after this ride.

Food on Site

The Concessions stand will placed nearer to the front of the event to increase visibility and hopefully insight more thrill seekers to enter.

A large line begins to form

Up until now things have been only moderately busy. When evening rolls around the homecoming crowds are out in force. With our position along the homecoming walk-around path we definitely caught everyone's attention.

The line forms down the street!

Even those who did not enter to ride rides stood along the fences and watched. Perhaps they were thinking to bring their children and more money for next year's event. In any case an impression was certainly made.

Furiously selling tickets

Our event was not only successful due to the hard work and dedication of the members of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, but the parents as well. They help handle the massive amounts of cash brought in through tickets sales and concessions.


Each year we like to have at least one play fighting competitive attraction. Next year's event will have a 1st down competition in which bungee strapped participants attempt to fight their way down an inflated football field to be the first to receive a first down.

75 foot Obstacle Course

A great ride for people of all ages. Jump, dive, roll, climb and slide your way to the finish.

5 man auto-belay rock climbing wall

The rock climbing wall towers 30 feet high at the back of the carnival. No one could miss the sight of it. It can hold 5 people at once and automatically assist people as they climb.

An example of what we've done with other sponsors

This company recently moved in to Oklahoma. It is based out of Denver Colorado. They printed out 10,000 discount cards in conjunction with our event. We passed out the cards to carnival goers and were able to give them all away and make Kwal Paint some new customers. In return Kwal Paint gives us a percentage of the money earned from discount card users.

$4,300 presented to Coach Eddie Sutton

After the money was all raised and costs were incurred we were able to donate $4,300 to the American Cancer Society through our local Coaches vs. Cancer program. Here we are giving a giant check to our local celebrity, Cowboy Basketball Coach Eddie Sutton. This next year we are trying to present our check to the American Cancer Society in front of the homecoming football game half time crowd of over 70,000 plus those watching on TV. OUR MAIN/SOLE EVENT SPONSOR WOULD PRESENT WITH US.